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Peter Wolf Brings A Cure For Loneliness To City Winery

Peter Wolf Brings A Cure For Loneliness To City Winery

Peter Wolf Brings A Cure For Loneliness To City Winery – September 8th, 2016 Also September 9th & tonight (September 10th)

Peter Wolf’s A Cure For Loneliness is one of my favorite albums of 2016 and he is the kind of performer who I want to see regardless of the circumstances so it was a no brainer to roll down to City Winery on Thursday. Wolf’s songwriting collaborators on the new album include Will Jennings whose resume includes teaming up with the like of Winwood, Clapton, and Orbison among many others and whose relationship with Wolf goes back to the nineties. Four of the twelve tracks were penned by Wolf/Jennings including my fave How Do You Know that the man revealed was given a, uh, shot of something extra somewhere in the birthing process by a bottle of Kentucky’s finest. (More)

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September 15th, 2016: The Jay Geils Quintet @ Scullers Jazz Club, Boston

Source: http://www.scullersjazz.com/attractions.html

Jay Geils on guitar and trumpet, Bruce Bears on keyboards, Billy Novick on saxophone and clarinet, Jesse Williams on bass, Marty Richards on drums and special guest vocalist Tennie Komar.

The Jay Geils Jazz Quintet is an exciting trip through the history of the two uniquely American musical art forms, blues and jazz. It is interesting to note that Jay Geils, who made his mark on the music world playing rock and roll with the award winning J.GEILS BAND is such a consummate jazz and blues guitarist. From the opening strains of the Count Basie classic Broadway to Gerry’s vocal rendition of the T-Bone Walker standard Stormy Monday, the quartet evokes the classic sounds of a by-gone era with an original twist. Backed by double bassist Jesse Williams and drummer Mark Texiera the quintet has received rave reviews and entertained enthusiastic audiences across the USA and Canada. Take a trip down America’s musical highway with Jay Geils in the driver’s seat.

Jay Geils needs no introduction to the legion of music fans that made the J. GEILS BAND one of the iconic acts in the history of rock and roll. The Grammy-nominated J. GEILS BAND sold 10 million records, were awarded five gold records, one double platinum record, multiple television and movie appearances, and toured with the Allman Brothers and the Rolling Stones.


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